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Zepo Commerce Technologies

$10M - $20M in revenue

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A small-scale web marketing, design, and development company called Zepo Commerce Technologies is always raising the bar for what a business can accomplish. Since our company’s founding in 2016, we have been driven by our passion for digital creations, and we stay steadfast in our commitment to enhancing people’s lives through cutting-edge technology and innovation.

We first and foremost let our work do the talking. Our marketing strategy is positioned as digital done well! We are, in other words, direct and goal-oriented. Zepo Commerce Technologies goes above and beyond to assure the success of our clients’ online presence, from website design to strategy planning and management. The world of today demonstrates that a digital presence is frequently the first impression. Our job is to make sure our clients not only make a good first impression but that they blow the doors off the place with an pristine, user-friendly platform!

We are a group of online designers, developers, strategists, and innovators from across the world who combine their enthusiasm for web technologies with a novel and cutting-edge approach to the user experience. We also have ardent Game of Thrones supporters here who occasionally argue with the Star Wars folks. Some of us enjoy cats, while others choose owls (talking ones). Of course, there are also those of us who discuss the bizarre things our children do.

We are a highly effective boutique web agency where the needs of the client are put first. Our devoted team of project managers makes sure that we work on your projects from beginning to end while keeping our clients’ needs, budgets, and vision as our guiding principles throughout the planning and execution phases. Each stage of development has a specialist on our team. By the way, we’re a friendly group with flair, accuracy, and class.


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Web Design, Graphic Design, eCommerce, Web Hosting, Content Management Systems, Programming, Maintenance, Consulting, Strategy, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Marketing Planning, and Application Development