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$10M - $20M in revenue

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A fintech firm called Volopay seeks to make expenditure reporting digital, quick, inclusive, and secure.

It is the first AI-based real-time expense management tool, a business management solution that gives real-time visibility and control over business spending while streamlining expense operations.

With a 10-second expenditure generation flow, the simplest approval process imaginable, automated bookkeeping sync, and the quickest reimbursement pay-outs direct to your bank, we are replacing spreadsheets, paper checks, and “reports.”

Simply snap a photo of the receipts and let the system do the rest. You’ll have plenty of extra time to devote to your favourite job rather than being bogged down in paperwork.

Our real-time AI software provides you with seamless options. From setting budgets limits and customizable approval flows to third-party integrations into your accounting software and other productivity tools. We have it all!


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