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Translab Technologies Pvt Ltd


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Translab Technologies is the ideal digital transformation partner for companies willing to embrace the future. We offer a range of IT services that help companies grow into new markets, develop new sources of income, and innovate more swiftly.

We provide a comprehensive range of IT services, including cloud, DevOps, database, analytics, performance tuning, and managed services.

We have been linked to more than 150 transformational journeys for multinational organisations and upcoming start-ups across regions and industries.

A group of professionals with backgrounds in IT management, networking, enterprise software, corporate automation, and mobile apps created Translab Technologies Pvt Ltd with the aim of unifying all the diverse technologies into one user interface.

Translab Technologies provides a seamless customer experience, business agility, and actionable insights that allow Digital Transformation for organizations throughout the world. We provide solutions that may be used across industry sectors by utilizing disruptive technologies like Big Data, Analytics, Internet of Things, Automation, Mobility, and Cloud.


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