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Ssquad Global

$10M - $20M in revenue

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S-squad Global is a reputable provider of IT services focused on offering top-notch managed IT solutions, infrastructure support, and cutting-edge cloud-based services. The goal of our firm is to find innovative, all-encompassing solutions that may be customised for use in many commercial contexts. Since 2012, we have been providing IT and infrastructure services, and we have established ourselves as a fantastic partner for numerous sectors. We support the use of creative solutions that may expand with your company and are adaptable and interesting.

As an independent IT Managed Service Provider since 2012 with a base in Malaysia, Ssquad Global has evolved and spread throughout Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and the Americas. Ssquad Global has extensive experience in developing a wide range of best-in-class IT solutions that are intuitive to operate, and delivered through its dedicated team as well as partners for wider reach.

We provide the greatest services and are honest in all of our dealings with clients because we feel that our duties go beyond business. We have created a company with a strong, knowledgeable global leadership team and a customer-focused culture. We offer the greatest IT services to our clients, and doing so helps us to remain competitive in this expanding business environment.

The Company’s primary goal is to provide the best software and services possible for its clients, hence we have opted not to participate in the current software industry mergers. In order to assist our customers succeed in the current climate, we bring a combination of vision, dedication, and technology. We are aware of the issues our customers confront.


Privately Held




Managed IT Services, Man Power, Hardware Maintenance Support, Hardware Leasing, Virtulization, Backup & Recovery, Web Applications, ERP on Cloud, Remote Infrastructure Management, DR, Software Defined Network, Identity Management, Network as a Platform