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Solverminds Solutions & Technologies Pvt Ltd


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Solverminds is a top global technology company that helps the maritime industry with enterprise resource management, consulting, and data analytics. The company’s vision is to create a “Truly” integrated Enterprise Application Suite for a liner shipping company. Deeper domain knowledge and more advanced technology platforms make it possible to deliver a full suite of technology products for managing liner operations, managing ships, managing agencies, and doing advanced analytics. Solverminds solutions are built on an advanced web platform, which not only lowers overall IT costs but also ensures superior user experience, global scalability, and shorter implementation cycles.

Our solutions, powered by Advanced Data Analytics and Optimization engines, not only automate business processes but also provide actionable insights, predictive results, assist in making informed decisions, and prescribe the best actions for optimised business results.

Incorporated in 2003, Solverminds is a house to domain experts, business consultants, data scientists, OR scientist and technology innovators. Headquartered at Chennai, India, Solverminds has an office in Singapore and UK.

Visit us at www.solverminds.com to learn how we can assist your company’s digital transformation.


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