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Ozibook is a digital firm with headquarters in Bangalore, India that creates software products to improve quality of life by tackling the most difficult issues that are necessary to ensure that future generations have a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

The world’s issues won’t be solved by themselves; instead, we need BRAVE people with a COMMON VISION, who are OPTIMISTIC about the future. For this reason, we believe in creating goods that improve your quality of life.

We are doing this for our kids and their kids, so no matter how challenging the route ahead appears to be, there will be sunshine at the end.

If they don’t already have a promising future, we’ll make one for them.

As a result, our young team solely focuses on initiatives that improve society and protect the quality of life on Earth.

How do we encourage people to think independently and have confidence in their own skills was the first thought that sprang to mind.

This is when we realised that the first step in changing the world is to educate and empower those who are already there. As a result, Ozigen was created.

A product of the parent firm Ozibook that makes a contribution to the field of education technology is Ozigen. You cannot live without information, just as you cannot live without Oxigen, which is why Ozigen exists. Once fully deployed, the platform is intended to provide a one-stop solution for all of your educational issues by utilising the power of technology and peer learning. It’s a social networking platform for good, to put it briefly. In order for you to learn from the creators you want to learn from without distractions, we aim to make your time on social media as productive as possible.

The passion for building products has always been in us as we are a team of elite problem solvers who want to use our collective knowledge for the good and leave the world in a better place than we found it.


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