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Node Technologies


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Node Technologies is a product company and our product is called SalesGO
( www.salesgo.com)

SalesGO is a mobile-based sales force enablement platform that puts the needs of salespeople first, making it a favourite among field salespeople. SalesGo has a 100% adoption rate among its users, in contrast to most CRMs and SFAs.

SalesGo serves a wide range of clients in industries like Asset Management, Banking, Consumer Durables, Electric Automation, Construction, Telecom, IT hardware, etc. with its Leads, Visits, DSR, and Campaign modules.

SalesGo is currently concentrating on the Indian market and serves the Big, Medium, Small, and Micro sectors across India in pertinent industries. In addition to many other companies, SalesGo serves clients like IBM, Lenovo, Airtel, LIC Nomura, and Schneider Electric. It also invented the Customer Success Model, an output-based, result-oriented approach to product delivery that enables customers to see immediate, measurable improvements in sales effectiveness.

SalesGo is a popular option, especially in the Indian marketing environment, because to its ease of use, implementation, and good return on investment when compared to traditional CRM and Sales Force software.


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