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  • Blockchain Paltform
  • Business Consulting & Services
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  • Collaboration & Productivity
  • Computer Networking Products
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  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Service Automation
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Neurones IT Asia

$10M - $20M in revenue

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An IT infrastructure service provider with a focus on consulting, transformation, and operations is Neurones IT. In addition to private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure, we also offer outsourcing and on-premise management services.

The French band NEURONES includes Neurones IT. NEURONES group is the sixth-largest provider of IT services and is traded on the Euronext Paris stock exchange. It has over 4,500 people worldwide and generates €399 million in revenue.

As a Collaborative Transformation Outsourcer we help to guide and to support medium to large sized businesses throughout the entire IT life cycle:

1. CONSULTING: Our consultants can assist you to audit your IT environment and propose new designs and solutions, especially to prepare a major project or a change in your IT organisation.
2. TRANSFORMATION: Our team of experts can assist you to run a project until full completion and commissioning, regardless of the size of the project.
3. OPERATIONS: With outsourced operations, we run your IT services 24×7 according to agreed Service Levels and KPIs. We commit to deliver the expected performance.

Neurones IT can assist you and deliver any type of IT infrastructure. We can run your helpdesk, upgrade your infrastructure, migrate your servers and manage your IT services.


Public Company




IT Infrastructure, Transformation, Consulting, Operations, IT services, Contracting