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Modern digital banking solutions from Modefin, a leading global provider of fintech solutions, enable banks and other financial institutions to prosper in the digital era. We were established in 2011 and have our headquarters in Bangalore, India. We presently work with more than 60 banks in 20 different nations.

Modefin specialises in offering nite banking opportunities for banks of any size to accelerate their digital transformation and stay ahead of the market with our technical skills and domain knowledge. Our mission is to provide clients with high-quality goods and services that are dependable, based on established principles and bonds, and that improve their lives. We are committed to establishing business relationships that are open, trustworthy, and dependable and that directly or indirectly improve the lives of everyone connected to Modefin.

We occasionally have the ability to adjust to newly emerging technology and offer our clients next-generation services that enable them stay current & quickly advance their digital businesses. We developed distinctive products that aim to make currency-on-the-go simpler as a result of our vision to become a global leader in the provision of technology in Finance and customer experience. We are members of the Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program, Nokia Development Partner, Blackberry Development Partner, and Motorola B2B.

With the broadest portfolio of innovative banking products & solutions, we have accelerated the digital transformation of our clients & helped them attain measurable business goals.
¥ Omni Channel Banking
¥ Mobile Banking
¥ Internet Banking
¥ Agency Banking
¥ Mobile Wallet
¥ Micro Savings & Lending
¥ Alerting Engine
¥ Bulk Payment
¥ Loyalty Management
¥ Mobile-Based Account Opening
¥ Personal Finance Manager
¥ Reconciliation Solution
¥ QR-based Merchant Payment
¥ Keyboard Banking
¥ Push Notification
To know more about us, visit our website Ð www.modefin.com. You can reach out to us @ +91 80 2300 3600 or write to us at presales@mode


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