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Ivy has experienced a remarkable trip. We evolved from a modest tech startup established in Hyderabad in 2001 to a leading global provider of software and support services, working with the biggest online gaming and entertainment companies on the planet.

The magnitude of what we do now is thrilling and compelling. Millions of customers use our software globally, and the billions of transactions that occur there rival those of some of the biggest tech companies. We consistently provide our consumers with excellence because we are focused on quality at scale.

But without our committed group of professionals, we would be nothing. Everyone, from designers to engineers, from finance to marketing, collaborates to make what occasionally seems impossible, a reality. We collaborate with zeal and inclusivity in the unrelenting quest of greatness.

This means that with Ivy, you can have an exciting and enjoyable career in addition to working for a forward-thinking company that provides business, gaming, and technology solutions. working with coworkers that share your passion and goals in a non-hierarchical, amicable workplace.

To thrive here, you need to be as ambitious and passionate as we are. You’ll want to try new things and love the excitement of working in a fast-paced, highly dynamic industry. (It’s full-on at times, so you’ll enjoy working at speed, relish challenges and have a can do attitude.) We value people who are excited by the chance to work differently and who try out new processes if the old ones no longer work. We need people who are willing to be flexible and want to play their part in our future.


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