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IcSoft – Digital Manufacturing Solutions Company


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InTouch Systems was set up in 1999 by first-generation techno-industrialists. InTouch is a software product company rooted in manufacturing domain with a suite of products.

InTouch today has started a 100% subsidiary InTouch Systems GmbH in Germany as part of its globalization plan.

IcSoft Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
IcSoft Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
IcSoft Paperless Factory
IcSoft Real-Time Shop-Floor Data Acquisition Systems (DAS Ð Embedded Systems) for its ERP & MES
Over the past decade and having evolved through the churns and cycles of the IT industry, InTouch has retained its singular focus on software for manufacturing.

InTouch is a product driven Indian IT Company in manufacturing domain that offer solutions catering to ERP, MES and DAS / PLS and more than evenly matches tier one and tier two solutions in the market. InTouch has developed as its IcSoft suite of products which creates integrated platform which encompasses planning & execution of manufacturing in a digital mode. With its Real-Time Data Acquisition Systems. And an ERP + MES integrated product InTouch stands apart in the manufacturing software market

InTouch enterprise and manufacturing solutions have been successfully accepted as central IT back-bone amongst various manufacturing sectors, key being aerospace, auto-components, assembly, foundry, forging, fabrication, garment, jewellery, machine building, machine/job shop, process manufacturing with a client list of a wide spectrum of several established local and multinational players. It is InTouchÕs pride that some of our clients have preferred InTouch over established players.

InTouch has successfully established its ability and flexibility to extend and interact with other established solutions in its principle manufacturing domain. Systems built around Smart Figital Factory practices have a tremendous potential in national and global markets.


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