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IAP Company Pvt. Ltd


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IAP is a business driven by information, communication, and technology (ICT) with interests in information technology, rollout services, media, and e-tailing (read- retail + ecommerce).

The pillars of IAP’s business ETHOS and DNA are INNOVATION, ACTION, AND PERFORMANCE. These three words represent the DNA of IAP.

IAP began its journey two decades ago as a software development firm focused on the Japanese IT outsourcing market. IAP has broadened its business horizons over the years in order to build successful businesses while also contributing as a responsible organisation to the development of a better society.

Mission: To provide solutions, services, and software products by consistently utilising cutting-edge technologies and the highest quality and management systems.

Develop software systems that are the best in the world and offer one-of-a-kind SAAS models for a wide range of industries in India and around the world.

Bring value to stakeholders and shareholders by using ICT solutions in e-governance, rural development, and training, and by working toward continuous social development.


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Application,Web Development & Maintenance Services, Mobile Application Development, Information Technology & Services, DC-DR Hosting & Management Services, IMS – AMC of Enterprise devices, AWS, Softlayer, MS Azure, FMS – IT Staffing, CRM, HRMS Solutions