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Esri Indonesia

$10M - $20M in revenue

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You can better comprehend the strengths, limitations, and difficulties influencing your company’s current situation by viewing your business data via a geographic lens.

In addition to the advantages of presenting your company’s data in an understandable visual format, GIS technology makes it possible to integrate diverse datasets, releasing insights that would otherwise be kept hidden in disjointed tables and spreadsheets.

This amazing technology connects a wide variety of media formats, from CSV and Excel files to full motion video and everything in between, using the simple concept of “location.”

The ArcGIS platform, the most popular GIS software in the world, is only available locally through Esri Indonesia.

Esri Indonesia has experienced fast growth and has racked up an amazing list of accomplishments since 2004. The most cutting-edge system integrators in the world are among our technological partners, and we currently provide services to more than 1,000 of the biggest government and commercial organisations in the country.

We are dedicated to using geographic insight to create a better future. Over the past ten years, as part of our support for Indonesia’s growth and development, we have made important contributions to numerous projects, including the creation of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and the sharing of data about coal and mineral concessions, to name a few.

We urge you to interact with our team of ArcGIS specialists whether you are a long-time user and supporter of geospatial technology or a curious observer of applied geography.


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