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At eMudhra, we help organisations transition digitally while keeping in mind what their consumers value most. We also develop operational models that make use of the newly available opportunities for competitive differentiation. In the field of digital technology, eMudhra offers a distinctive blend of business- and consumer-driven solutions targeted at altering customer value propositions.

During the past ten years, eMudhra has earned a reputation as an innovative, customer-focused organisation that offers ground-breaking and unconventional solutions to change how customers engage with major corporations, including the government. Relevance is the key to success. At eMudhra, being relevant is undoubtedly at the heart of all we do, and this culture is reflected in our team members, procedures, and solutions. At eMudhra, we strive to stay relevant with a market-based approach to drive solutions that address our CustomerÕs needs and enhance their ease of operations/use.


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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Certifying Authority, Trust Service Provider, Certificate Lifecycle Management, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Digital Signatures, SSL/TLS Certificates, Document Signer Certificates, Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Adaptive Authentication, Paperless Office, Digital Workflow Platforms, eSign Service, Cryptography, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain