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EffiGO (formerly known as BOB eProcure Solutions)


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Small, medium, and large businesses can turn to EffiGO (formerly known as BOB eProcure Solutions), a global procurement specialist company, for all of their needs regarding procurement-related activities and services. Our innovative concepts and skilled team members work with you to make your procurement procedure as effective as possible. Because of this, we have been able to offer solutions and services that are helpful to many flourishing enterprises, punching well above our weight. As of right now, both government and corporate clients of EffiGO have benefited from employing our solutions across domains and locations.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch services and solutions, and we place the utmost focus on customer privacy and security as well as compliance. Our support team has managed a single occurrence with a value of up to $450Mn to demonstrate our effectiveness and capacity. Our capacity to manage several auction services concurrently has prevented crash complaints and speed reductions while successfully managing a single National Level Logistics Event worth up to $100Mn.

Our clients have carefully chosen us because of our capacity to provide local support with cross-border knowledge. We have a history of success in providing the sophisticated automation technologies and related support services necessary for efficient spend control.

We enable organizations in identifying savings and adhering internal compliances of their procurement needs. Our flexible procurement solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of organizations and can accommodate a wide array of procurement initiatives and activity levels. Delivering Peace of Mind, User friendliness and ROI [Return on Investment] at the end of the day.


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B2P – Budget to Pay Suite, e-Procurement, eRFX / e-Tender, Vendor Management, e-Negotiations or Reverse Auction, e-Auctions/Disposals or Forward Auction, e-Contracts Management, e-Catalogues, PO Automation, e-Invoice, Payment Release Info, e-Agricultural Solutions.