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EbixCash Financial Technologies


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EbixCash Financial Technologies is a Global Fintech player in the Wealth, Portfolio, and Asset management space that was founded in 1999 with the goal of becoming a techno-business partner that delivers excellence and value to financial services globally. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise in the financial services sector, and our flagship product, MoneyWare, is a true reflection of our innovation, deep understanding of the financial services sector, and commitment to excellence. MoneyWare covers the entire Wealth, Asset, and portfolio management business life cycle.
We have good relationships with our clients because we trust them, understand them, and want them to do well. Over the last 15 years, we have served over 300 clients in 18 countries, including India, the Middle East and Africa, APAC, and Europe. Our goal is to help our clients, both large and small businesses, create a measurable and sustainable advantage through the use of our products and services.
We work with a wide range of clients, including leading private banks, asset management firms, brokerage firms, trust banks, wealth advisors, financial institutions, and family offices.
We think that business transformation will happen when we quickly change our technologies to do what’s needed. Some of the technologies we use to improve the customer experience are the cloud, mobility, cutting-edge CRM tools, and SaaS models. We provide Robo Advisory platforms that use cognitive tools to assist our clients in creating a niche and gaining the competitive edge they require.


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