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Eagle Eye Networks, formerly Uncanny Vision


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For additional information, please follow Eagle Eye Networks. The mission of Eagle Eye is to deliver secure cloud-based video with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics that increase business productivity and make the world a safer place. UncannyVision, now known as Eagle Eye Networks, is concentrated on developing optimised computer vision solutions that support this mission. The only video management and artificial intelligence platform that is reliable and adaptable enough to enable the next generation of video surveillance is provided by Eagle Eye Networks.

Eagle Eye is utilising the team’s skills to create an AI-based Real-Time Surveillance solution that can enhance the intelligence of cameras and provide warnings and analytics for a more secure and safe world. Several Fortune 500 organisations have embraced the technology.

The Eagle Eye Networks Vehicle Surveillance Package leverages the technologuyt to prive high accuracy automatic number plate recognition designed fully using AI/deep learning models as well as vehicle detection, classifcation and counting.

The Bangalore office serves as the regional headquartes for Eagle Eye Networks.


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Computer Vision, ARM Neon Instruction set, Digital Signal Processors, Deep Learning, FPGA, video surveillance, cloud computing, physical security, cybersecurity, security cameras, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning