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Complere Infosystem


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Complere Infosystem is a multinational technology support company that serves as the trusted technology partner for our clients.

We Solve Real Problems

App Development
With the exploding popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile application development is becoming a more and more popular medium of software creation.

Data Integration
Data Integration solution allows the application to communicate in real-time with SOA, we implement using opensource technologies like Talend ESB & Mule soft.

We have expertise in IBM’s IAM solution – IBM Security Identity Manager (ISIM) and IBM Security Access Manager (ISAM). We provide services for development, configuration.

Data Visualization
Data visualization services help communicate a company’s data to business users using visual elements. Complere has been offering data visualization services to help companies

Websites Development
Superfast websites built using HTML 5 and hosted via S3. With no physical databases, you don’t have to worry about support or downtime issues. All websites are built from the ground up.

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Flolite gives companies the tools to offer perks that employee Management while also reinforcing company culture. As you use Flolite to boost employee satisfaction by doling out feel-good rewards and recognition, the platform’s visible feeds help you simultaneously promote and reinforce core values.

Ultimately, it makes it easy to celebrate employees’ work as you capture the story of your great company culture. Flolite also empowers HR and managers across your organization to help manage teams and reach their full potential. Everyone, even remote employees, will have more fun and feel closer to the team.

Make your workspace happier, motivated, and skilled.

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