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Celebal Technologies


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A leading provider of software services in the areas of data science, big data, and enterprise cloud is Celebal Technologies. By implementing intelligent data solutions that make use of cutting-edge technology and can add significantly to the value of your company, Celebal Technologies assists you in gaining the competitive advantage. The main services revolve around “Data to Intelligence,” where we use data to extract intelligence and patterns, enabling clients to make decisions more quickly and intelligently.

Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning algorithms underpin Celebal Technologies’ solutions, which provide increased corporate productivity in a connected environment. Product ISVs and delivery organisations from all over the world who use our specialised knowledge in product development and enterprise project execution are our clientele. We have implemented the highest standards of operational excellence and service quality, enabling our clients from a variety of industries to become data-driven businesses. Our customised solutions assist businesses in maximising efficiency and enhancing responsiveness and accuracy.

Our skilled team of industry specialists are well-versed in both mainstream and new technologies, such as blockchain, analytics and visualisation, internet of things, chatbots, and data science with AI and ML. We have practical experience in creating and implementing media greenlighting and supply chain analytics solutions, connecting the dots across data sources to produce useful insights. By utilising contemporary cloud concepts like Microservices, Advance Analytics, API Management, and other Cloud-native services, we assist in modernising legacy and on-premise applications.

We assist the business in enhancing business intelligence and more data-driven in solution architecture with Celebal Technologies, who knows the fundamental importance of modern analytics over the enterprise. Ad-hoc and predetermined business analytics are catered to by our analytics team.


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