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Built on a computer vision stack, CamCom is a recognised, industry-neutral AI-powered platform for visual inspections. The use of CV and related technologies in the visual inspection process is something we invented. Depending on the precision and speed requirements of the customer, we deploy our solutions using customised rigs, mobile devices, or Drones. We collaborate closely with our clients to make retrofit solutions possible without drastically altering the workflow.

Defect/damage Visual inspections are labor-intensive, sensitive to human mistake, and slow. By removing subjectivity, future-proofing the procedure, and ensuring that the existing throughput is unaffected, we may achieve the following goals. Our offering is the ultimate control tower that makes it possible to create a visible track and trace audit trail for the duration of the product’s life cycle. Our technologies provide non-linear scalability and efficiency gains. We make sure that our partners can continue doing business thanks to contactless solutions.

Our current operations are in India, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. We plan to expand into other regions very soon and position ourselves as the quality inspection partner of choice for enterprises across the world by future proofing their processes. We are headquartered in Bangalore, INDIA and have an office in Dubai, UAE. The company has today grown into a strong team of technocrats and thinkers who are reimagining the future.


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