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BDB.ai is a Gartner 30 ranked Unified Data Analytics and Machine Learning platform, developed by the former R&D team of BusinessObjects, Paris.

We’re helping several prominent Global Fortune 500 customers across key industry verticals – Telecom, Automotive (Connected vehicles), Hi-tech, Industrial (IOT), Retail, Education and many others – on a daily basis in solving a wide variety of complex data and analytics problems ranging from modernizing their legacy data infrastructure, enabling predictive analytics, self-service dashboards for mobile workforce, remote monitoring and diagnostics of connected infrastructure, predicting infrastructure failure and in recent years data monetization and edge analytics.

BDB.ai is a comprehensive integrated offering – Data ingestion, Data wrangling / preparation, Data Science and ML and Visualization – seamlessly stitched together in one platform, in an otherwise crowded marketplace of literally 1000s of patch and piece meal offerings like Talend, Trifacta, Alteryx, Tableau, and others. Crafted painstakingly with over a few thousand man-months of development effort, we’ve built a quality offering that has beaten many global competitors hands down in direct competitive situations.

The BDB.ai platform is a true enterprise grade platform in complex and heavy operational environments (based on our commercial deployments in telecom and connected vehicles) and provides significant value in terms of innovation, architecture, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), business KPIs and flexibility to the Business and IT teams. Our platform makes all your organizational data “analytics ready” and empowers your in-house data science and analytics teams to make better data driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.


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