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Autoplant System India Pvt. Ltd.


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Autoplant was established about ten years ago by specialists in supply chain solutions who had a passion for finding solutions to supply chain issues. All of the founding members, who held managerial roles at the US-based i2 Technologies Inc., had extensive experience in supply chain planning and were aware of the underlying need for a reliable platform for supply chain and logistics execution. They brought their expertise to Autoplant after realising that effective planning could only be supplemented by equally effective execution.

As a provider of Track and Trace services, Autoplant first catered to the need for vehicle tracking as part of logistics digitization activities. Because they had a deep grasp of the supply chain issues and user pain points, Autoplant’s solution experts were able to create solutions that added value as the company grew and expanded across the industry.

A End-to-End Logistics Execution System powered by a synergy of Software, Hardware, Consultancy, and Process Reengineering was developed from this base over time. With its IoT-based Logistics Excellence Platform, Autoplant is now setting trends in the execution of supply chains and logistics across a variety of industrial verticals, including FMCG, paints, cold chain, metals, cement, and chemicals.


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RFID Implementation, Plant Automation, Efficient vehicle movement, Efficient material handling, Efficient machine operations, Efficient inventory management, Expertise in supply chain and logistics management, Internet of Things, GPS Technology