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Ascentrik Research Pvt Ltd


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From three facilities in India, Ascentrik Research has served top companies in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia across multiple industries and sectors over the last ten years. We have emerged as a bespoke research and business intelligence company powered by technology in the data universe.

Every great organisation is powered by robust data, from its marketing and sales strategy to its product and service operations and research and development efforts. As a result, our vision has always been to collect data, run analyses, and provide real-time intelligence to ensure our clients’ goals are met.

Here are some areas of our data research:

We built on our core strengths of sourcing custom lead lists and email databases, as well as CRM data validation for sales and marketing. For niche targets, we conduct primary and secondary list research and manage your CRM.

B2B Information Products- Our domain experts conduct data research for b2b information products in industries such as Finance, Life Science, IT, Real Estate, Metals and Mining, Infrastructure, Telecom, and many others. We expanded our knowledge of conducting in-depth financial research for private markets, particularly the LP-GP model. We expanded further in the Life Sciences market by providing critical information for Preclinical and Clinical Trials, Pharmacovigilance, and so on. Our experts brought in various techniques and tools to ensure that we deliver quality and live information on various drugs in a timely manner.

As a result, rather than just a software platform, we have provided a team of expert researchers to effectively use Human Intelligence backed by Technology. As a result, we have a high client retention rate, which has contributed to our success in the last decade of our growth story.


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B2B Demand Generation, Contact Discovery, Customized List Buildling/Research, CRM Database Management, Sector/Market Research, Investment Research, Equity Research, Data Analytics, Opt-in Email Lists, Data Validation & Enrichment, Data Structuring, Industry Database, Clinical Research, Clinical Trials, b2b email list