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Alumnus Software Limited


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Alumnus Software has been serving disruptive start-ups as well as global technology and product leaders for 25 years. We are small (~150 people), highly skilled and used to solving complex problems. We have excelled in crafting solutions for our customers, very often in areas of emerging technology.

We have traditionally remained close to innovation and concepts of ideation, quick prototyping, working with remote teams, building from the early stage to complete products and then being able to support our work. We have built many of the technological innovations that are commonplace today. We are also strategic partners of large organizations. Delivering quality software consistently and without fail, we have proved ourselves to be a technology partner that can be trusted.

We work in:

– Embedded Software (Board Support Package, Firmware & Device Drivers, Embedded Applications​) – for the Automotive and Robotics sectors
– Data Networks (IPv4/IPv6 Network Stacks, Network Protocols including Switching, Policy Routing, Firewall and Load Balancing, Acceleration & routing of Encrypted data traffic )
– Applications (Automating Workflows, Extracting Insight from data, Architect and building Platforms) in domains such as Manufacturing, Telecom, Finance, Medical & Research, and Technology-based solutions.

Plus Internet of Things brings together our expertise across all these domains.


Public Company




Enterprise applications, Embedded software, Telecom Solutions, Networking Solutions, Test tools, Big Data Analytics, Internet of things, Business Applications, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Machine Learning