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3one4 Capital

$1M - $2.5M in revenue

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A Bangalore, India-based early-stage venture capital firm, 3one4 Capital. The business operates in a few niche market segments and at the nexus of expansive, expanding markets that are ready for distinctive goods and services. Fintech, consumer goods, SaaS, digital media, climate technology, and digital health are some of the areas on which the fund focuses.

With a focus on deep participation, the company collaborates with founding teams and subject-matter experts to prioritise and strategize for product-market fit, then optimise for viability and growth in revenue and impact. The company seeks to lower risk, find new growth opportunities, and give rewarding results to all involved stakeholders by focusing on margins and delivering uncompromised end-user experiences.

The investments made by 3one4 are skewed towards businesses that use technology to establish, expand, or control significant markets in India. The company also allocates a percentage of its resources to US-focused businesses that have an impact on themes being pursued in India.

3one4 oversees a portfolio of more than 50 early-stage investments with a corpus of INR 2,300 Cr (+USD 310 Mn). Licious, Darwinbox, Jupiter, Betterplace, Open, Bugworks, Koo, Dozee, and Tracxn are among the companies in which 3one4 has invested.






Venture Capital, Early-stage investing, Seed Capital, Angel Investments